Power-Up Fusion is the process of feeding several fodder cards into another parent card to increase its level and possibly skill level. This process uses up all of the fodder cards and costs coins proportional to the parent card's level.

Each fusion can feed up to 5 fodder cards into the parent card.



A) The parent card's stats. Greyed out Skill and LSkill indicate that this card has neither. Skill appears blue when a card has a skill, and LSkill appears green when the card has a leader skill.

B) Total experience gained from the fusion.

C) Level of the card after fusion.

D) Extra experience gained over the card's max level, i.e. wasted experience gain.

E) Coins required to complete the fusion.

F) Fodder cards being fused into the parent. These will be used up via the fusion.

G) Experience gained by fusing these cards.

Coin CostEdit

Coin cost of fusion is equal to 100x the parent card's level per fodder card, e.g. feeding 4 cards into a lvl 30 card costs 12000 coins.

Experience GainEdit

The amount of experience gained depends on the element and level of the fodder cards. Cards of the same element type grant a 50% exp bonus during fusion.

We need data on exp gain per level as well as possible exp modifiers based on rarity and card type.

Fusion MatterEdit

Cards with the type "Fusion Matter" grant incredibly large amounts of experience during fusion. These cards can drop from various stages or be obtained from the Miko and Buddy Gachas. Here is an incomplete list of Fusion Matter with their locations and exp gain.

The following is a list of all fusion matter, but an honorable mention goes to Overseer as a non-Fusion Matter Card which fuses for 83,200 exp.

Card Icon Card Number Card Name Card Element Card Acquisition Exp Value
#176 Violet Dark N/A, Buddy Gacha Unknown
#177 Modena Dark Burning Forest to Castle of Despair 10,000
#179 Mika Electric Aztec Jungle Unknown
#180 Ecru Electric Burning Forest to Castle of Despair 10,000
#181 Peaches Electric N/A, Buddy Gacha 50,000
#182 Ola Fire N/A, Buddy Gacha 10,000
#185 Jailey Electric N/A, Buddy Gacha 10,000
#254 Yishai Fire N/A, Buddy Gacha 55,000
#255 Bo Water N/A, Buddy Gacha Unknown
#256 Sprite Water N/A, Buddy Gacha 15,000
#257 Kami Water N/A, Buddy Gacha 55,000
#258 Hyoko Grass N/A, Buddy Gacha 2,000
#260 Eden Grass N/A, Buddy Gacha 55,000
#261 Meda Dark N/A, Buddy Gacha 100,000

Skill Level Up Edit

Fusing a fodder card with the same skill as the parent card gives a chance to level up the skill of the parent card.

We need data on chances to level up the same skill, and if it varies based on the skill level of the parent/fodder cards.